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Oxfam Community Organizers

A place for dialogue, introspection, and action

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The Oxfam Community Organizers program is intended to provide support, outreach and education to members of the Oxfam America community including high school and college aged students as well as other community activists. Oxfam will provide education briefs and tools to facilitate campaigns and activities for the Community Organizers to implement in their schools, towns, places of worship, and workplaces. Oxfam Community Organizers will be utilized as a group that can be called upon for tabling, mobilizing, and collecting signatures for events and initiatives in their communities as needed, and will be integrated into the campaign that best suits their interest. OxfamCO is place for dialogue, introspection and community. If you are interested in joining, please contact Nessa Stoltzfus at info@oxfamamerica.org.