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It's over! Done! Finished! No more! And there's leftover food . . .

Hey guys!

I just completed (with an AMAZING team of volunteers) the first ever Mills College Oxfam Hunger Banquet!! We accepted canned food donations from the 25+ participants! The event was very powerful, with one of the young women at the high-end table wiping away tears, others crying during speeches after dinner was served.

They articulated their concerns during the reflection period and it continues to amaze me, that no matter how many of these things I help put on or attend, I always hear new insights that speak so truly to the beauty and innovation of the human heart and mind. How fun -- congrats Oxfam, on having such a well-written script that encompasses so many different issues and aspects of social justice!

Best of luck to everyone working on their Oxfam projects!
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