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Very important!

Hey Guys,

Now is the time to start thinking about what you have learned this summer. What has inspired you, what has moved you to action? Also, how would you like to bring these issues back to your campus in the fall?

Perhaps you feel committed to bringing Fair Trade Coffee to your campus, or locally grown food to your dining hall? Or maybe you want to organize a Hunger Banquet, like described in the last post. Whatever you plan to do, we want to be involved in your action! Not only will we provide you with resources, but we will work with you, one-on-one to answer your questions and help you organize action on your campuses.

Over the next week, please respond to this post and let us know what your goals are for the fall. What type of action would you like to organize? Perhaps it’s something different then the ideas we have covered. Just get your ideas back to us, and we can start helping you plan. (Get in those evaluations too – we’ve got a few more t-shirts left!)

I should also let you know, I’ll be heading back to school soon, so you won’t be seeing me posting as regularity as I have been this summer – but I’ll still be around!! Xavi will be taking over, so your thoughts and questions will continue to be answered.

Thanks again for an amazing summer. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and reading your thoughts. Best of luck this fall!

Peace and love,
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