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hunger banquet a success!

we've had a hunger banquet for years, and i wasn't in charge of this year's -- there were already other people putting it on -- but it was a great success! over 100 people showed up, which was about the perfect # for our setup. (background: i go to east TN state U, about 11,000 students total). it was really good. we had a homeless man talk, which was good. and the students who attended had good thoughts -- i.e., we could all go home and eat something real afterwards, but if we were really in this social class, we wouldn't be able to. i am really excited that it went well... maybe i'll be in charge next year. i think the biggest reason for our success is that it has been around for a while on our campus -- people come back who came last year, and they bring more people with them. we work with fairly well-known groups on campus and advertise. so, if this was the first one at your school and didn't get as big a turnout as you had hoped, don't give up! give it a few years.

the banquet really affected me, although i had been before and wasn't a "participant" this year -- it is good to be reminded of what we have and what others lack. after an event like this, it makes me more disgusted at the material posessions i have and how important they are in my life. (christmas season usually leaves me somewhat disappointed in this respect, being now all about commercialism and less about important things).

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