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dirty gold helps make for hunger & poverty . . .

dirty gold:

so i signed the no dirty gold pledge and checked out www.nodirtygold.org -- thought this was pretty interesting:

"March 24, 2004. In an open letter advertisement in the Washington Post, Tiffany & Co, one of the world's leading jewelry companies, opposed a silver mine that threatens an important wilderness area and called for mining reforms it believes are urgently needed. Michael Kowalski, the Chairman and CEO of Tiffany & Co, stated that the company is motivated by consumer demand. "We've always believed that we have an implicit contract with our customers. They demand that Tiffany products, precious metals and gemstones be extracted in environmentally and socially responsible ways," he said. This is the first time that a major jewelry company has taken a highly visible stance urging reform of the industry supplying it with much of its gold, silver, and platinum."

still gotta be a bit suspicious of the intentions of such a large corporation, but it is a good statement and hopefully their prominence helps set a precedent. i'm currently at mills college in oakland, ca and although i don't see class rings on their alumnae, i believe they have senior pins of some sorts -- that can be further researched=)

hunger and poverty:

it is really a curious thing that not even 3,000 americans died in 9/11 and the (deserved)outcry that resulted from it was so forthcoming compared to the little media coverage on the greatest form of violence perpetrated against humanity today and everyday: 30,000 human beings dying daily from hunger-related (poverty) causes. just like the posting indicates -- there are so many interlocking forms of oppression and systematic forces holding people at the bottom of what we might call the proverbial food chain . . . that is, they don't get enough to live healthy, nutritious lives.

i almost got a sense of hopelessness looking over this posting . . . i firmly believe these issues for health are the most important things we can struggle after in fighting for global justice. a healthy body which with to labor can then organize and unionize its fellow laborers . . . but it all starts with that healthy, well-nourished body. hopelessness becomes anger becomes energy becomes strength becomes ideas becomes action though: i'll work on pulling off a hunger banquet at my school -- it is definitely a very impactful tool that can hopefully set a few others off on a course of informed activism for a healthier world.

best of luck at school this fall everyone -- great work keeping us informed this summer sarah!-)
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