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STIT IT UP - by Rinku Sen

The summer is almost over, but if you're looking to squeeze in a little more summer reading, then I have just the book for you! The book is titled, Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy (published by Chardon Press). It is written by renowned activist and trainer Rinku Sen. Drawing from her own experience, from college activist to present day work with with women's groups organizing for economic justice, Sen provides the tools, strategies and practical suggestions to make change.

About the Author:
Rinku Sen is the publisher of ColorLines, the national quarterly magazine on race, culture, and action and the director of the New York office of the Applied Research Center. She was a codirector trainer for the Center for Third Organizing. Rinku has trained countless organizers, directed campaigns, and designed programs to advance race, gender, and class justice issues.

In Sen's own words, this book was written, "for progressives, people whose vision of a better world includes people in warm homes with enough to eat, dignity and fair pay attached to every job, the freedom to express love without boundaries, resistance to war and violence at all levels — a world in which we can all be who we really are, without having punishments and rewards handed out on the basis of those identities.” That's why I thought of you guys! :)

I found this book in my school library – so if you are not able to find it, ask your librarian to order it! HAPPY READING!
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